ex12 - Apex / 1uT_u 4ROBOT CV Expander

Expander to control Apex / Pique / 1uT_u parameters with CV.
4 CV inputs with Attenuverters.

Can be used with Apex / Pique or 1uTu versions with expander header on the back:
Apex 4ROBOTS (1u Intelligel)
Apex mk2 (1u PulpLogic)
Pique 1.1 (3u)
u 4ROBOTS (1u Intelligel)

*CV Inputs of Ex that supplies with 1uT_u are normalised to 5V source to control module parameters from panel.


4ROBOTS series is made according to the Intellijel 1u standard and will fit all Intellijel cases with a 1u row


ex12 CV Expander:
1u (Intellijel Format) 12hp / 35mm Deep
+12v 15mA, -12v 15mA, 5v 0mA
Input range: 0 - 7.5v

ex12 - Apex / 1uT_u 4ROBOT CV Expander

Panel Colour
Main module
  • Size:
    Intellijel 1u format / 12HP
    35mm Deep
    Current Draw:
    +12v - 15mA, -12v - 15mA, +5v - 0mA


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