VOR Supported O_C

Official Firmware:

The Official firmware support VOR since v1.36.

VOR must be enabled in the file "OC_options.h". 
Modules without dedicate range button (1uO_c 4Robots) "VOR_NO_RANGE_BUTTON" should be enabled as well (for the option to change range by long pressing the "up" button).
Auto VOR preferences can be edited in the file "VBiasManager.h" (from line 97).

O_C V1.36 GitHub

Pre Compiled HEX Files:
Official Firmware for 4ROBOTS (without range button)

Official Firmware for OCP and 1uO_c mk2 (with range button)

Hemisphere Suite:

Recent Hemisphere Suite release with VOR support are locate in a different branch (ocplus) of O_C-HemisphereSuite repository, this branch is up-to-date copy of the master branch with VOR support added:
GitHub (ocplus branch)

Pre Compiled HEX File:
Hemisphere Suite for 1uO_c 4ROBOTS  (without range button)

Hemisphere Suite for  OCP and 1uO_c mk2 (with range button)

How to upload firmware to your teensy based module?

​Please ensure if the module is powered on when connected to the computer via a USB cable only.
If it turns on, please update the firmware using a USB connection only.
Only if it is not turned on connect it to the power of your Eurorack case during the update.

Under no circumstances should electricity be supplied from two sources!

  1. Download Teensy loader app from here.

  2. Connect the module to your computer via a USB cable (see note above)

  3. Load the HEX file (you can drag and drop the HEX file to the app window)

  4. Press the button on the back of the module