OCP - Ornament and Crime Plus

This is OCP - Ornament and Crime PLUS - Assembled SMD Version

Each module is shipped ready for use after handmade assembly, strict quality control and calibration in our facility.


For the Do-It-Yourself THT Version please visit here: diy.plum-audio.com/projects/OCP


OCP (SMD) IS new version of Ornament and Crime with new features:- Extended headroom of 10vpp (instead 9vpp on original Ornament and Crime).- VOR* (Variable Output Range): Unipolar 0v-10v, Bipolar +/-5v or Asymmetrical -3v to 7v (firmware controlled with dedicated switch on panel).- Attenuators / Attenuvertors for scaling and inverting CV inputs- CV inputs are normalised to +5v source to fast access soft parameters from the panel knobs.- 8 Bi colour LEDs to meter 4 cv controls and 4 outputs.- Micro USB connector on panel for midi to cv function (with hemisphere firmware) and for fast firmware updates.- Back triggers interface to 1uT_u 4ROBOTS


New in this version: Hardware support for VOR or NON VOR firmwares, you can choose to get the module as non VOR version and use with any firmware.This setting can be changed later by moving jumper on the back of the module (recalibration is required).* When working in NON VOR mode the VOR button on the panel is disabled

OCP - Ornament and Crime Plus

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