Rack Plumber HD (Pair)

RackPlumber HD is patch cable remote extension with up to 19 channels.
2 channels configurations are available: 18 mono channels or 17 mono channels with TS inputs + one stereo channel (for MIDI / Headphones or any other signal that require TRS connection)

Pair of RackPlumber HD connected via HDMI cable (up to 2 meters) to allow for simple connections between large or spread-out cases.


Rack Plumber HD is a passive module (no power is require) and can transfer CV, Gate, Audio and MIDI (through stereo channel) signals, the connection is bidirectional.

Leds inside each jack monitor if there is signal in the input, those leds bypassed when patch plugged in to prevent voltage drop.

Each RackPlumber HD have 2 HDMI connectors - One on the front panel to connect between 2 racks and second on the back of the module to create "shortcuts" inside big rack.

It is possible to chain few RackPlumbers HD modules (one with front connector and second with back connector) to achieve passive mult, in this configuration there is jumper on the back of the module to disable the leds.

*By default HDMI cable is not included, you can add a suitable HDMI cable (1.5 meter long) in the order options.

Rack Plumber HD (Pair)

PriceFrom 150.00$