RackPlumber 1U (Pair)

RackPlumber is Patch cable remote extension

Pair of RackPlumber connected via ethernet cables to allow for simple connections between large or spread-out cases.

2 connectors are available - On the front panel to connect between 2 racks and on the back of the module to create "shortcuts" inside big rack.
It is possible to chain few RackPlumbers to achieve passive mult. 

Jack leds monitor if there is signal in each input, those leds bypassed when patch plugged in to prevent voltage drop.


*Included in the package is a 1.5 meter long network cable

RackPlumber 1U (Pair)

  • Passive Module - Module does not draw current
    Panel size:
    Standard 3U: 4hp, 25 mm deep
    Intellijel 1U: 14hp, 28 mm deep

  • We assembling and calibrate each module by hand, lead time might take up to 2 weeks.