1U Ornament and Crime for Standard (Pulp Logic) 1U format.


New in mk2:

VOR Support + Dedicated button 

Front USB socket (to use as MIDI to CV / CV to MIDI with Hemisphere)


Ornament and Crime is the "Swiss army knife" for your system, now in standard 1u format.

Multi-purpose module with tons of functions:

  • Analgue shift register
  • Tonnetz transformations
  • “vector” sequencer
  • Quad pitch quantiser
  • Scale and note mask sequencer
  • Quadrature LFO
  • Lorenz and Rössler
  • Quad envelope generator 
  • Step sequencer
  • Bouncing ball envelope generator
  • Byte beats
  • Harmonic quantiser
  • Reference voltages
  • Frequency meter
  • Tempo meter


VOR - Variable Outputs Range:

Prevues versions of Ornament and Crime modules can only offer output range of 9vpp and single offset (usually -3v to 6v). To change this offset, physical resistors at the circuit board should be replaced with different values followed by long calibration process.

This range is a compromise for most o_C applications, it is not good enough for envelopes which needs a peek of 10v to completely open a VCA and it's not good enough for a LFO's which needs a Bi-Polar range for its operation.


At the development process of 1uO_c we decided to completely redesign the range and offset system (at the hardware and at the firmware) to achieve variable range that set automatically for each App*.

1uO_c mk2 comes with extended range of 10vpp and option to set the range to: Bi-Polar (+/-5v), Uni-Polar (0v to 10v) or Asymmetric (-3v to 7v)*.


Our 1u series is made according to the Pulp Logic 1u standard and will fit all cases with a standard 1u row

we using standard Eurorack power header so no special adapter required 


** Not compatible with intellijel 1U.

For Intellijell 1U Version of 1uO_c please check here


  • Standard (Pulp Logic) 1u Format / 30hp / 25mm Deep

    +12v 70mA , -12v 10mA, 5v 0mA 

    Black anodized aluminum panel

    Include Mounting screws and power cable