Temps Utile is 6x Clock Generator Now for 1u Format + Meter leds for each channel.

5 Digital outputs for clocking and triggring and one DAC output for CV.

7 modes, selectable per channel:

  • trigger sequencer/sequence editor
  • clock division/multiplication
  • LFSR
  • random w/ threshold
  • euclidian
  • logic (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR)
  • burst
  • DAC (channel #4 only): random, binary, "Turing", logistic, sequencer/arpeggiator


Our 1u series is made according to the Pulp Logic 1u standard and will fit all cases with a standard 1u row

we using standard Eurorack power header so no special adapter required 


** Not compatible with Intellijel 1U.

For Intellijel 1U Version of 1uT_u please check here


289.00$ Regular Price
279.00$Sale Price
  • Standard (Pulp Logic) 1u Format / 30hp / 25mm Deep

    +12v 85mA , -12v 10mA, 5v 0mA 

    Include Mounting screws and power cable.

    ** Not compatible with intellijel 1U.