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1uT_u - 4ROBOTS is 1U Temps Utile for Intellijel 1U format.

A powerful Clock generator / Clock modulator with 6 Clocks / Trigger channels, one of them with a DAC (channel #4 is able to generate CV).


7 modes, selectable per channel:

- Clock division / Multiplication from external clock or from the internal clock
- Trigger sequencer / Sequence editor - Create your oun grooves
- LFSR ("Turing machine")
- Random triggers with threshold
- Euclidian hythm generator
- Logic gates (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR) 
- Burst
- DAC (channel #4 only): random, binary, "Turing", logistic, sequencer/arpeggiator


- Save and recall 6 Presets.



- 2 Trigger inputs to use with external cloclks or to send reset / mute

- 6 Clocks outputs

- 1 DAC output

- Play / Stop button with color indicator

- 1.3" OLED Screen


CV Inputs Expanders:

CV inputs are not necessary for the basic operation of the clock but the ability to modulate different parameters from any CV source can add a lot of fun.

To keep 1uT_u 4ROBOTS with a small footprint we decided to not include CV inputs on the main module but you can use one of the optional Expanders to expand 1uT_u 4ROBOTS with 4 CV inputs, 3 sizes of expanders are availble:


- ex6 - 1u/6hp with 4 CV inputs  (Free during the Pre Order sell!)


- ex12 - 1u/12hp with 4 CV inputs and Attenuverters to scale and invert any CV source, when no cable is pached to the inputs, each input is normalise to  5v source to controll any parameter easily.


- ex2 - 3u/2hp with 4 CV inputs and Attenuverters to scale and invert any CV source, when no cable is pached to the inputs, each input is normalise to 5v source to controll any parameter easily. 


4ROBOTS series is made according to the Intellijel 1u standard and will fit all Intellijel cases with a 1u row


** Not compatible with Pulp Logic 1U.

For Pulp Logic 1U Version of 1uT_u please check here


Panel Colour
CV Expander
  • Size:
    Intellijel 1u format / 24HP
    27mm Deep
    Current Draw:
    +12v - 50mA, -12v - 20mA, +5v - 0mA

    Face Plate & Screen:
    Option 1: Brushed anodized aluminium with dark grey print & Built In 1.3" OLED Screen
    Option 2: Brushed black anodized aluminium with white print & Built In 1.3" OLED Screen (Currently not avalable)


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