199.00$Regular Price184.00$Sale Price

Dual Multi Function for all 1U Formats

23 Functions Include: Envelope, LFO, Drums, Random, Sequencers, Bytebeats, Turing Machine and more...

1uO_c - 4ROBOTS

349.00$Regular Price319.00$Sale Price

Ornament and Crime for Intellijel 1U


299.00$Regular Price289.00$Sale Price

Ornament and Crime for Standard 1U


279.00$Regular Price269.00$Sale Price

Temps Utile for Standard 1U

OCP DIY Full Kits

Trough Hole Ornament and Crime Plus

OCP is the first Ornament and Crime built entirely with through-hole components, Packed with VOR system, front USB socket and 4 extra knobs on panel to scale cv inputs and to control soft parameters easily.

OCP DIY Support Site

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